President’s Notice

Welcome back to term 2 everyone,

And what an interesting term it may be. I hope that you have all had at least a relaxing couple of weeks over the break. For those of us that did work during that time, it was a very strange period. I know that it felt like all the hard work we were all doing in the last few weeks of term with our staff now seems redundant. Which is nice that we are not in as bad of a situation as others around the world. Term 2 looks to be getting back to normality for us all. But please do remember to keep yourselves and those around you safe.

As for WATSSA, we have been working hard on bringing our new website together and look forward to releasing that very soon. Of course. the great PD and networking events planned for this term are still on hold and we have cancelled the conference for 2020. But if we can get back to safe social gatherings by November. we would like to make an event of this year’s AGM, so we’ll keep you posted about that as the year progresses.

Once our new website is live there will be some new content posted up to help our schools out. There are some great guides our members have created over the years for their schools and others. We will be consolidating some of the great information that has been posted on ICT Collab over the time to be in a more formal style of documentation as well.

Well from the WATSSA team and myself, we wish you a safe and enjoyable term 2. We hope to see you all soon.


Michael Raymond – WATSSA President