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Professional Learning

Professional Learning Opportunities

WATSSA is dedicated to offering Professional Learning opportunities to its members and collaborating with the Department of Education, Non-Government Schools, industry providers, and IT professionals to organise regular workshops. These typically take place during school holiday periods throughout the year. Members are encouraged to participate in these sessions, which offer valuable insights and updates to enhance their understanding and knowledge, and to stay informed about the latest technological advancements.


WATSSA encourages members to share their feedback regarding preferred areas of professional development or specific providers they would like to engage with.


Our WATSSA Conferences offer tailored professional development for school-based technical support staff, school leaders and educators.  The events have an emphasis on the integration of technology into teaching and learning practices.  Conference attendees can look forward to networking opportunities, skill development sessions and insights into the latest technology trends. The conferences also provide a platform for attendees to explore innovative products, engage with sponsors and vendors and foster relationships with education professionals from both the public and private sector.


See our Upcoming Events page for infomation on our networking and other events.

Previous Events

Visit our WATSSA Past Events page for posts on our previous Professional Learning Sessions.

Professional Learning (PL) is important to WATSSA and our members, if you have any queries or suggestions for PL, please email accounts@watssa.asn.au or one of the WATSSA Executive Team.

Department of Education staff can view the Professional Learning on offer through DoE here: Professional Learning Information System

We would like to offer a big thank you to everyone out there who has supported the creation of WATSSA. Your support has made a huge difference and has really helped to propel us forward.

Professional Learning

Identify and prioritise the delivery of DOE specific Professional Learning through member, sponsor, and community feedback.
Increase the number of Professional Learning Events we offer.
Provide an innovative and engaging annual conference.
Create strategic partnerships to develop and deliver enriched Professional Learning opportunities.


Increase the number of attendees from the 2019 Conference in 2021.
4 Professional Learning events per year (excluding the annual Conference)
Increase the number of regional and remote staff attending our events.
Develop and deliver an aspirant Network Administrator course.


Measurement Tools
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Increased attendance at Association events.
Increased event feedback from attendees.
Happy sponsors who provide authentic feedback.
Clear outcomes from strategic partnerships that align with the priorities of this Business Plan.

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