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WATSSA Aspirant Network Administrators Course

The Aspirant Network Administrators (ANA) course will assist individuals working in IT Support within public education to take the next step in their career, moving toward a Network Administrator (or equivalent) position. The ANA course has been developed with the context of WA public ICT systems in mind, not as an afterthought. The outcome is a yearlong course, with students walking away with several industry recognised qualifications, relevant learning outcomes, and the first WATSSA qualification.
The course will cover:
  • Advanced Tier 3 Server Management
  • Complaince (including finacial and operational compliance)
  • Team Management
  • Advanced use of PaperCut
  • Advanced use of the Fortigate
  • Leadership
  • Strategic Planning and Operations
  • Introduction to Cyber Security Concepts
Content will be made available to participants through Connect, and all assignments related to this course are made relevant to participants schools. This means participants walk away with there ANA certification, with significant compliance, operational, strategic and technical work completed at their current school.
This course is delivered over approximately 10 months, with one whole day session per month. This allows participants to engage with the one day session, and then take their learnings back to their school and engage with a post session activity or assignment task.
To register your participation or expression of interest, please visit our PLIS page: https://plis.det.wa.edu.au/?org=2257

Sessions and Dates

Professional Learning (PL) is important to WATSSA and our members
This page is where you can find details about upcoming professional learning and locate recordings and files from previous PL sessions.
If you have any queries or suggestions for PL please send an email to info@watssa.asn.au.

You can view what PL is on offer in the Department of Education, here: https://plis.det.wa.edu.au/?org=2257

We would like to offer a big thank you to everyone out there who has supported the creation of WATSSA. Your support has made a huge difference and has really helped to propel us forward.

Professional Learning

Identify and prioritise the delivery of DOE specific Professional Learning through member, sponsor, and community feedback.
Increase the number of Professional Learning Events we offer.
Provide an innovative and engaging annual conference.
Create strategic partnerships to develop and deliver enriched Professional Learning opportunities.


Increase the number of attendees from the 2019 Conference in 2021.
4 Professional Learning events per year (excluding the annual Conference)
Increase the number of regional and remote staff attending our events.
Develop and deliver an aspirant Network Administrator course.


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Increased attendance at Association events.
Increased event feedback from attendees.
Happy sponsors who provide authentic feedback.
Clear outcomes from strategic partnerships that align with the priorities of this Business Plan.

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